Do you offer a stores points and coupon service?
From now on, stamp YOYOSTAMP on your client’s Smartphone screen.
Set up with YOYOSTAMP from the accumulation service as well as managing coupons issued at the stores. 

You also do not need paper coupons

Instead of a paper coupon, you can provide a same service as you did before and on top of that you will be provided additional coupon service.

Personal information is not needed.

You do not need a personal information (name, phone number, etc.), you can accumulate it as well as individual marketing.

From now on, start a real customer marketing

Clients are not dependent on store coupon or flyer anymore, instead YOYOSTAMP provide a coupon service that customers really want. This is the beginning of good customer marketing.

My representative, please make the best use of YOYOSTAMP.

Do not just collect customers, Do the management.

Do you know how many natural regular clients you have? 20% of loyal customers value for 80% of total sales. Now, turn your existing customers in to a loyal clients.

Cooperate with nearby stores to get more synergy.

Cooperate with local stores with J Stamp. Provide better service than franchise or global named store by connect- ing with the nearby stores.

Proceed various marketing each season.

Make and provide various kinds of coupons such as new menu release, customer gratitude coupons in according to the purpose.


Q. What system do I need to use this service?
Users only need to install YOYOSTAMP App.
For reference, iPhone is available for over iOS 9.3 version, and Android for over lollipop versions only.
Q. Do clients have to sign up?
No personal information or signing up is required to use this service.
Install YOYOSTAMP, then you can apply it immediately.
Q. What are the benefits of becoming a member?
We will provide promotional prints such as POP for shops, X-banners, stickers, and consulting services for connecting with the nearby shops.
Q. How do I manage coupons, identify clients, and conduct events?
You can manage in real time through the affiliate web-page provided by each store.

How to use YOYOSTAMP

How to install YOYOSTAMP
Order of accumulation in YOYOSTAMP
Order of receiving a reward

 Clients do not need to register
If you only have YOYOSTAMP
Solve client marketing issues

Personal data protection policy

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