Personal data protection policy

※ Purpose and Range of personal data collection
YOYOSTAMP application program’s data collection includes email, phone number, user name, log in password, addresses of users or stores.
YOYOSTAMP registers service provision through member application for users or stores. Member can verify its rights and responsibilities in service.
Users and stores take responsibities about the confidentiality of user’s data by user name, password and email.
Users and stores have to act against any disapproved matters, misuse, security violation acts by malicious 3rd party.
※ Range of data use
The purpose of personal data uses are as followings :
- Service provision for users and stores
- Notice to users and stores about data changes or manipulations
- Prevention of any destructive acts or forgery against users and stores
- Act rapidly through communications with users and stores against threats
- Prohibition of personal data use without communications with users and stores about deals and confirmation.
- Demands by legal authorities : YOYOSTAMP cooperates to give personal data to legal authorities if required : prosecutor’s office, legal courts or police departmentscan investigate on certain cases if violated laws.
No one has rights to intrude personal data.
※ Data storing time
Personal data is stored until its cancellation demands or cancellation after log in by users. At any circumstance, personal data is secured in YOYOSTAMP' server in confidential.
※ Company address for personal data management
- Văn phòng: Diamond Plaza, Phòng 709, Tầng 7, 34 Lê Duẩn, Bến Nghé, Quận 1, , Tp. Hồ Chí Minh
- Email:
※ Methods and tools of users and stores to access or edit personal data
- Users and stores have rights for verification, updates, edition or cancellation of personal data by log in or request to YOYOSTAMP.
- Users and stores have rights to raise claim YOYOSTAMP about personal data leakage. In case YOYOSTAMP gets such feedbacks, has to investigate and respond its reason to users and stores, and must restore data and keeps them in confidential.
Email :
※ Efforts to protect personal data
- The personal data of users and stores are strictly secured and protected by YOYOSTAMP's policy. The collection and use of personal data is only possible under user's consent unless law defines it seperately.
- Prohibition of the use, supply, transfer, expose of personal data to the 3rd party without user's consent
- In case of hacker's attack to retrieve personal data, YOYOSTAMP must report it to the authorities concerned, and YOYOSTAMP must notify users and stores without hesitation.
- Bills, accounting data should be kept secretly in the level 1 security center of YOYOSTAMP.
- YOYOSTAMP managing committee must demand users and stores to register themselves as members and must keep personal data, such as name, address, email, civil ID number, phone number, account nember, paycard number and so on. YOYOSTAMP takes legal responsibility of personal data.
In case the 1st submitted data is not correct, YOYOSTAMP doesn’t take responsibility to the demands of users and stores' claim or compensation.